The Ultimate Guide to Toaster Oven Air Fryer Deals for Black Friday 2023

Ah, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the two days of the year where the thrill of the hunt meets the joy of a bargain! And what’s one kitchen gadget that’s taken the culinary world by storm? Drum roll, please… the Toaster Oven Air Fryer! It’s like having your cake and eating it too, except it’s fried chicken with less grease or a pizza slice crisped to perfection. With Black Friday 2023 fast approaching, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the best deals on toaster oven air fryers.

Why a Toaster Oven Air Fryer?

Picture this: It’s a cold winter evening, and you’re craving some finger-lickin’ good chicken wings. You could reach for the deep fryer, but oh boy, think of the oil! Enter the Toaster Oven Air Fryer. This magical device lets you fry up your favorites with minimal oil, offering a healthier alternative that doesn’t skimp on taste. Plus, it’s multifunctional, serving as a toaster, oven, and fryer all rolled into one. Talk about a triple threat!

Brands to Watch Out For

Ready to upgrade your kitchen but not sure which brand to go for? Worry not, savvy shopper! Some of the household names in toaster oven air fryers are Cuisinart, Ninja, and Breville. These brands have various models with diverse features, from digital touchpads to preset cooking options, ensuring you’ll find something that tickles your fancy.

Cuisinart Air Fryer + Convection Toaster Oven, 8-1 Oven with Bake, Grill, Broil & Warm Options,...
2,557 Reviews
Cuisinart Air Fryer + Convection Toaster Oven, 8-1 Oven with Bake, Grill, Broil & Warm Options,...
  • COOKING FUNCTIONS: This premium 1800 watt toaster oven and AirFryer, is equipped with AirFry setting plus toast, convection bake, bake, convection broil, broil, grill, warming feature, with a wide temperature range (Warm-450°F)
  • CAPACITY: Large enough to toast 6-slices of bread, air fry 3-pounds of chicken wings, bake a 12-inch pizza or roast a 4-pound chicken


Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven, Silver (Renewed)
  • This Certified Refurbished product is refurbished to factory specifications, it shows limited or no wear
  • Includes all original accessories plus a 90 Day Warranty


Nuwave Bravo Air Fryer Toaster Smart Oven, 12-in-1 Countertop Convection, 30-QT XL Capacity,...
  • MAKE ADJUSTMENTS ON-THE-FLY – Want hotter temperature or need to cook it longer? No problem. Simply adjust on-the-fly any time. Starting the cooking process over is not necessary. Bravo toaster oven's intuitive digital controls are easy to operate. Control not only the time and temperature but also customize the top and bottom heaters. To bake a perfect pizza, set bottom heaters at full power and top heaters at 30% for crispy crunch crust and perfectly melted cheesy toppings
  • INTEGRATED DIGITAL TEMPERATURE PROBE – Once the desired doneness temperature is set, Bravo air fryer toaster oven constantly monitors the internal temperature of your food and automatically ends the cooking process when the desired internal temperature is reached. You will never undercook or overcook your food again


Nuwave Bravo XL Air Fryer Toaster Smart Oven, 12-in-1 Countertop Grill/Griddle Combo, 30-Qt...
  • MAKE ADJUSTMENTS ON-THE-FLY – Want hotter temperature or need to cook it longer? Simply adjust on-the-fly any time. Fine-tune time and temperature any time in the cooking process. Bravo’s intuitive digital controls are easy to operate.
  • INTUITIVE DIGITAL CONTROLS - Set cook temperatures from 50°F to 500°F adjustable in precise 5°F increments. Unlike the primitive methods that regulate temperature by turning the heater on and off, our heater never turns off while cooking.


GE Digital Air Fryer Toaster Oven + Accessory Set | Convection Toaster with 8 Cook Modes | Large...
  • COMBINATION TOASTER OVEN WITH AIR FRY - Get more done thanks to a combination toaster oven and air fryer with all the settings you need, including an air fry setting to quickly fry your favorites
  • CONVECTION MODE - Achieve golden results in your convection toaster oven thanks to an advanced cooking mode that circulates heat for a perfectly even bake

Tips and Tricks for Scoring the Best Deal

Ah, the million-dollar question—how to snag that coveted gadget without breaking the bank? First things first, keep an eagle eye on retailer websites and sign up for newsletters. You’ll often get a heads-up on upcoming deals and exclusive coupons straight to your inbox. Don’t forget to check out tech blogs and forums too; many insiders leak juicy details about unadvertised discounts. Finally, mark your calendar for the wee hours of Black Friday. Many deals go live at midnight, and you’ll want to be the early bird that catches the worm—or, in this case, the air fryer!

So, there you have it, the lowdown on why a Toaster Oven Air Fryer should be on your Black Friday 2023 shopping list. But wait, there’s more! In the next section, we’ll dive into where to find the best deals and how to make the most of Cyber Monday 2023. Stay tuned!

Where to Find the Best Black Friday Deals on Toaster Oven Air Fryers

Alright, folks, buckle up! You’ve got your eye on the prize—a shiny new Toaster Oven Air Fryer—and now it’s time to figure out where you’ll find the best Black Friday deals. So, where should you be clicking come D-day? Well, there are a few options you’ll want to consider.

Big-Box Retailers

Think Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. These giants usually offer some killer discounts on appliances, especially during Black Friday sales. Don’t brush off their brick-and-mortar stores, though. Sometimes the in-store promotions are even juicier than online offers. Yup, you heard it here first!

Online Marketplaces

Ah, the convenience of shopping in your pajamas! Online platforms like Amazon and eBay will be teeming with deals, often featuring lightning sales that offer mind-boggling discounts for a limited time. Be warned, though—these deals are often short-lived, so you’ll have to act fast. Pro tip: Add the items you’re eyeing to your cart beforehand, so you can quickly seal the deal when prices drop.

Specialty Stores

Last but not least, don’t forget about specialized kitchen and home stores like Bed Bath & Beyond or Williams-Sonoma. While their prices may be on the higher end normally, Black Friday sales can bring them down to a more wallet-friendly range. Plus, these stores often offer exclusive models you won’t find anywhere else.

Cyber Monday: The Deals Continue

Let’s say Black Friday came and went, and you missed out on grabbing your dream Toaster Oven Air Fryer. Don’t fret! Cyber Monday is your second chance at scoring big. While this shopping event started as an online-only affair, many physical stores have jumped on the bandwagon, extending their sales throughout the weekend and into Monday. Some even offer new, exclusive deals for Cyber Monday, so keep your eyes peeled!

Oh, and a bonus tip for Cyber Monday shopping: Double-check those coupon codes! Many retailers offer additional discounts that can be stacked onto existing sale prices. Just imagine snagging your dream appliance at half price and then knocking off another 10% with a coupon. Sweet deal, right?

Alright, are you feeling pumped and ready to conquer Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023? In the next section, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty: the features to look for in a Toaster Oven Air Fryer, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into. Stay tuned!

SaleBestseller No. 1
Ninja AF101 Air Fryer that Crisps, Roasts, Reheats, & Dehydrates, for Quick, Easy Meals, 4 Quart...
  • LESS FAT: Now enjoy guilt-free food. Air fry with up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods.* *Tested against hand-cut, deep-fried French fries.
  • WIDE TEMPERATURE RANGE: 105°F-400°F allows you to gently remove moisture from foods or quickly cook and crisp foods with convection heat.
SaleBestseller No. 2
COSORI Air Fryer TurboBlaze 6Qt, 9-in-1 Airfryer, 5 Speeds Dry, Roast, Proof, 15-MINS In-App...
  • 9-in-1 Versatility: With a 9-in-1 functionality, it includes Air Fry, Roast, Bake, Broil, Dehydrate, Frozen, Proof, Reheat, and Keep Warm, providing versatile options for all your culinary needs.
  • Perfectly even cooking: The 5-speed airflow system ensures that your food is evenly cooked throughout, providing superior results for every meal.
Bestseller No. 3
Easy-Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner Spray, Lemon, 24oz, Removes Grease
  • FUME FREE OVEN CLEANER: Removes tough oven grease and food. Perfect for oven spot cleaning in 30 seconds. Safe for everyday oven cleaning: Fume free formula
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Use to clean ovens, oven doors, broilers, broiler pans, and stainless steel surfaces
Bestseller No. 4
BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Crisp 'N Bake Air Fry Toaster Oven, TO1787SS, 5 Cooking Functions, 30 Minute...
  • Air Fry Technology - Deep fried taste without the fat. This innovative cooking method surrounds food with high intensity hot air to bake, brown, and crisp your favorite fried food using little to no oil.
  • Two Control Knobs - Simple controls for the 30-minute timer and for selecting the cooking functions.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Emeril Lagasse 26 QT Extra Large Air Fryer, Convection Toaster Oven with French Doors, Stainless...
5,533 Reviews
Emeril Lagasse 26 QT Extra Large Air Fryer, Convection Toaster Oven with French Doors, Stainless...
  • A versatile air fryer and multi-cooker that elevates practically any meal, from air frying quick after-school snacks to roasting for large gatherings.
  • 24 cooking pre-sets provide a variety of cooking methods: Ribs, Defrost, Bake, Toast, Chicken, Pizza, Pastry, Slow Cook, Roast, Reheat, and Keep Warm.
SaleBestseller No. 6
Method Heavy Duty Degreaser, Lemongrass Scent, Oven Cleaner & Stove Top Cleaner, 28 Oz Spray Bottle...
  • Contains (1) 28oz spray bottle of heavy duty degreaser
  • Heavy duty kitchen degreaser made with plant-based grease cutters
SaleBestseller No. 7
CHEFMAN Multifunctional Digital Air Fryer+ Rotisserie, Dehydrator, Convection Oven, 17 Touch Screen...
38,371 Reviews
CHEFMAN Multifunctional Digital Air Fryer+ Rotisserie, Dehydrator, Convection Oven, 17 Touch Screen...
  • Versatile countertop cooking: Air fry, bake, dehydrate, rotisserie, or roast to crispy perfection in one convenient appliance
  • Cook faster: No need to preheat like traditional ovens. This all-in-one convection oven uses rapid air heating elements to cook fast, even, and crispy food
Bestseller No. 8
COSORI Air Fryer Pro LE 5-Qt Airfryer, Quick and Easy Meals, UP to 450℉, Quiet, 85% Oil less, 130+...
  • CUT DOWN 85 percent OIL :With 360 degree rapid heat circulation technology, feel free to enjoy the same crispy textures as traditional deep frying with up to 85 percent less fat.
  • ENJOY MEALS IN MINUTES: This air fryer cooks with industry-leading temperatures up to 450 degreeF, making heating efficiency 20 percent faster than before. Help you prepare a quick meal.
Bestseller No. 9
Disposable Air Fryer Paper Liners: 100PCS 8 Inch Square Liners for Air Fryer, Grease and Water Proof...
  • No Cleaning Required: Life should be simplified, no oil leak design no need to wash dishes, pre-cut deep lining paper is elevated design on both sides for easy access not easy to spill, makes cleaning and use easier.
  • Multi-Use: Heat proof temperature up to 428°F, 8" air fryer parchment paper liners suitable for air fryer, microwave, roasting oven, pan. Home baking, camping, summer party, Oil proof circle paper filter tray for pizza, bacon, patty, roti food making.
SaleBestseller No. 10
Zep ZUOVGR19 Heavy-Duty Oven and Grill Cleaner 19 Ounces, 19 oz
  • Removes carbon deposits, greasy wastes and baked-on foods
  • Highly effective Aerosol

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