Bill Lockyer And The Effects of COVID on The Economy

Bill Lockyer

January 12, 2021

 Bill Lockyer realizes that the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on every single person, village, city, state, and country throughout the world and California is no different. As the former state treasurer of California, Bill Lockyer is analyzing how the California economy has been affected by the virus so far.

The California Health Care System

Bill Lockyer is reviewing the impact the pandemic is having on the California health care network which is one of the largest in the country. He realizes that the network has been pushed to the brink as many hospitals have requested additional supplies be sent to them numerous times. Bill Lockyer understands that this is a very trying time for medical professionals throughout the state that have been volunteering to work additional hours and extra shifts so that everyone throughout California can get the help they need when it comes to health care.

Small Business Have Been Hit Hard by the Pandemic

Bill Lockyer Is very aware of the fact that the pandemic has created an economic crisis that is hitting small businesses harder than larger ones. When shelter at home orders are put in place, it is increasingly hard for small businesses to keep their doors open and continue to function. While some government loan programs such as the PPP loan have provided some relief to small businesses, it has not been enough and it is devastating to watch so many businesses throughout California be forced to close down. Many of them will not even reopen. Bill Lockyer said that the businesses need additional resources and help to make it through this horrible time.

The Impact of COVID-19 on California Individuals and Families

Bill Lockyer has found that many people throughout California have been laid off from their jobs as large corporations and small businesses alike have had to cut employees and benefits just to stay in business. Bill Lockyer points out that these people are concerned about their health and well-being as well as those of their families along with having the added stress of trying to pay their bills while there is a lack of work. Bill Lockyer said the pandemic is having a devastating effect on the mental health of many people. The state’s resources have been stretched to help all of the people who need counseling and other help during this trying time. Bill Lockyer promotes using Telehealth whenever possible for health care questions and mental health counseling as well.